Softip happenings at ALTIS – Home of Aristos.

More softip happenings in Kota Kinabalu. This update is from Facebook fanpage of ALTIS – Home of Aristos, at Karamunsing Capital. Their weekly B & C flights are on Thursday nights.

1st mini Phoenix B and C flight tournament.

Clash of the Tungstens at ALTIS. Every Thursday, 7.30pm.

Visit ALTIS Facebook fanpage for updates on programmes.

Darts happenings in Tawau.

Here’s an update from Tawau, the darts powerhouse on the East Coast of Sabah. Thanks so much to Jany A. Sahak for highlighting the latest events from Net Alive Cafe as well as Ballroom Snooker, Pool & Darts Training centre. (Doubles & weeklies.)

One for the album.. the pakar Doubles.

One for the album.. the pakar Doubles.

Tough battle to the finals.

Weeklies - Doubles' the game.

Weeklies – Doubles’ the game.


Up-coming event: Doubles Challenge, 29th – 30th November 2014, Ballroom Snooker, Pool & Darts Training Centre, Tawau. Check out the events’ calendar. Ballroom fanpage.

Cheers. Eat, Sleep & Breathe darts ~ the Tajau.

How to throw Darts: The mechanical basics of throwing darts.

This is useful information for those who are just learning the technique, or have lost the touch and feel of throwing darts, or are driven crazy by straying darts. Help is on the way!

How must the dart be moved to keep it in the right position? To work this out we have to look at the mechanics of the throwing arm. It can be exactly described as a ‘machine’ of 3 levers attached to each other by 2 joints or ‘hinges’, and with 1 joint attaching it to a fixed point:

The highly useful multi-purpose lever-system of the human arm

Diagrammatic animation of a neat darting technique using the 3-lever system
Credits to Tom Neijman from Sitepeople for making this fine animation of throwing mechanics!

Read the full guide at – The Dart Thrower. {click link below}

How to throw Darts: The mechanical basics of throwing darts. Chapter 1 – The Throw.

HAMIN PENAMPANG Double Dart Competition 2014.

Coming up! Steel tip tournament. The HAMIN PENAMPANG Double Dart Competition 2014 to be held from 1st – 2nd November. Sanctioned by MDC. RM1,000 for the champion. Majulah dart Sabah!

Hamin Penampang Double Dart Competition 2014.
1 Nov @ 7.30pm & 2 Nov @ 12noon.
Venue @ Hamin Penampang KDCA.
Entrance fee RM100.
Champion : RM1000 + 2 Unicorn Eclipse HD dartboard.
Runner-up: RM500. Joint 3/4: RM250. Joint 5/8: RM100.
2nd Chance: Champion: RM200. Runner-up: RM100. Joint 3/4: RM50
Contact: Johnson {0168379322}

‘Darts in Sabah’ calendar here.

Coming up! – Vdarts Sabah Closed Soft Tip Championship.

October is working out to be a very busy month for darters in Sabah! We have had frantic friendlies and warm-up matches pre-PDC SAQ, visits from darters from the regional countries, and the carnival is not over yet! Coming up very soon for softippers; The VDARTS SABAH CLOSED SOFT TIP CHAMPIONSHIP to be held from 31st October to 2nd November at Dart Kingdom, Lido Plaza.

Posting from Dart Kingdom Facebook fanpage:-

Darters will be categorize in A, B & C flights. Every participants are eligible of playing 5 games of Count Up to determine which flights you are in. And also, the highest average of all are able to grab RM 100! Competition format will be on Double Knockout System.

Now here are the prizes:
A Flight:
1st Place : RM 1,000 + Trophy + Certificate
2nd Place : RM 500 + Trophy + Certificate
3rd Place : RM 250 + Trophy + Certificate
4th Place : RM 100 + Trophy + Certificate
B Flight:
1st Place : RM 400 + Trophy + Certificate
2nd Place : RM 200 + Trophy + Certificate
3rd Place : RM 100 + Trophy + Certificate
4th Place : RM 50 + Trophy + Certificate
C Flight:
1st Place : RM 200 + Medal + Certificate
2nd Place : RM 100 + Medal + Certificate
3rd Place : RM 50 + Medal + Certificate
4th Place : RM 30 + Medal + Certificate

Registration Fees are RM 60 per person including game fees and T-shirt. Registration and Count Up Deadline will be on October 28th 2014!

Please do contact us for any inquiries :
Watson Lee – 016-8316515
Kenneth Chong – 016-8312195

Dart Kingdom is located at Lot No.22, 1st Floor, Lido Plaza, Batu 1/2, Jalan Nosoob, 88300 Penampang. Facebook fanpage.

Dart Kingdom @Lido Plaza.

Dart Kingdom @Lido Plaza.

Dart Kingdom @Lido Plaza.

How to find Dart Kingdom:

MSDO Inter-state Championship – Sabah State team.

The inaugural MSDO Malaysia State Championship 2014* is an inter-state event to be contested by 8 states**. Each state will be represented by a 6-man team. Team selections were conducted after the conclusion of Super League Season 3 last week. For the Eastern Division S3, iDarts Sabah had their team selection on Sunday 19th October***.

At the close of registration, 10 darters from the Super League Season 3 (roughly 20%) took up the challenge. Matches were played in 2 group round-robin of 5 games; 501, Count-up, Cricket, Half-it and Shoot-out. The top 3 in aggregates from each group qualified for the state team.

Cheng S.Y. 19 pts
Larry Wong 15 pts
Moh 13 pts
David Lim 13 pts
Kim Fung 12 pts
Aaron Chin 10 pts

Team Sabah - David Lim, Moh, Cheng S.Y., Kim Fung, Larry Wong and Aaron Chin.

Team Sabah – David Lim, Moh, Cheng S.Y., Kim Fung, Larry Wong and Aaron Chin.

MSDO State Championship team selection

MSDO State Championship team selection.

The Malaysian Soft Tip Darts Open (MSDO)**** will be held at E-City Hotel @One City, Subang Jaya from 15th – 16th November, 2014. More than 20 darters from Sabah will be contesting in the 2-day event.

Darts in Sabah Facebook fanpage.

* To be held at MSDO 15th Nov.
** Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Pahang, Johor Bahru, Perak, Kedah and Sabah.
*** Held at BESS (Facebook fanpage), Lintas Square, from 5 p.m.
**** MSDO Championship Facebook fanpage.

IPC Inuwashi visits BESS.

10th October 2014. IPC Inuwashi visited BESS. Vincent Ice, Tevez Kang, Sky Ng, Amin Abdul Ghani and Basyar. Throw in Paul Lim, Harith Lim and Bryan Eribal, and what a surprise it was for the local darters. (At the PDC SAQ held at Nexus Resort & Spa, Karambunai over the weekend, Paul and Harith emerged champions in the Doubles. Bryan was finalist in the Singles qualifier event.)

PDC South Asia Qualifier 2014 The Champions – Team, Doubles and Singles.

Three full days of competition are over! The men and women fought tooth and nail at the oche for their for their berths in the finals. (That’s an exaggeration, of course. Nonetheless, it was nail-biting intense for the spectators.) And here are the results:-


PDC South Asia Qualifier 2014: Team Champion ROBSON DOMINIC PHILIPPINE.


PDC South Asia Qualifier 2014: Doubles Champion PAUL & HARITH LIM – SINGAPORE.


PDC South Asia Qualifier: Singles Champion CHRISTIAN PEREZ – PHILIPPINE.

Women Singles: Champion SUSIE WILLIAM – MALAYSIA.

PDC South Asia Qualifier 2014: Women Singles Champion SUSIE WILLIAM – MALAYSIA.

The event was held at the Nexus Resort & Spa, Karambunai, Sabah.