Bullseye Sports Cafe Doubles Charity Darts.

14th June 2015. Bullseye Sports Cafe held a charity Doubles event in aid of the Ranau earthquake victims. A total of 27 teams participated. Those who would like to contribute non-cash items may continue to do so at the collection center, HS Commercial Centre, Jalan Penampang. Here are some photos from the event.

_DSC7643 _DSC7649 _DSC7652 _DSC7656 _DSC7659 _DSC7660 _DSC7665 _DSC7667 _DSC7670 _DSC7671 _DSC7675 _DSC7677 _DSC7678 _DSC7681 _DSC7683 _DSC7685 _DSC7686 IMG_20150614_163143 IMG_20150614_163159 IMG_20150614_170349 IMG_20150614_190543 IMG_20150614_193843 IMG_20150614_193909

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