New Y2K Soft Dart Championship 2015. 2nd/3rd August, 2015.

Darts event 2nd – 3rd August, 2015. New Y2K Soft Dart Championship 2015, New Y2K Pub, Damai.
Single Championship, Dartslive, maximum rating 14.99, maximum entrees 32. Group roundrobin on 2nd August, Knockout stage on 3rd August.

Champion: RM1,000 Runner-up: RM500 Joint 3rd/4th: RM250 each.

New Y2K Pub, Damai.

Contestants and groups, drawn on 31st July 2015:-

Group A:
1.Alvin 2.Eden 3.Jason Tong 4.Sam Wong

Group B:
1.Mei Q1 2.Terry 3.Mel 4.Chris Woo

Group C:
1.Henry L 2.Marazieco 3.Kit e-honda 4.Sham

Group D:
1.Kar Fatt 2.Kim Fung 3.Ting 4.George

Group E:
1.Yang 2.Ronzz 3.Willie 4.Amelson

Group F:
1.Mau 2.David Lim 3.Adrian 4.Larry Wong

Group G:
1.Bernard Yii 2.Maradona 3.Jack 4.Yinghao

Group H:
1.Tomi Lim 2.Rachel 3.Tim Tan 4.Wai Kit

Games On! times:- 2nd August, 2015.
5.00pm: Group A & E
6.30pm: Group B & F
8.00pm: Group C & G
9.30pm: Group D & H

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