Update: Malaysia Soft Darts Open (MSDO) 2015.

What an awesome weekend it was. The MSDO 2015 turned out to be the grandest of darts tournaments in Malaysia. The Sabah contingent saw a whopping 49 darters competing in the tournament. More than 800 attended the events, including darters from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, UK, USA, France and Croatia!

MSDO 2015 was conducted from 18th to 19th September with the concurrent The World Stage 5 on 20th September. The events were held at Vivatel KL.

Part of the Sabah contingent of 49 darters.

Part of the Sabah contingent of 49 darters. New record by Sabah!

Results update for Sabah:-

A-Flight/01 Doubles:-
#Joint 17th/32nd. Mau/Marazieco.

A-Flight/Doubles Medley:-
#Joint 3rd/4th. Sham/Alvin

Sham & Alvin. A Flight Medley Joint 3rd.

Sham & Alvin. A Flight Doubles Medley Joint 3rd.

BB-Flight/01 Doubles:-
#Joint 17th/32nd. Tomi/Alan

BB-Flight/Doubles Medley:- #Joint 17th/32nd. Tomi/Alan
#Joint 17th/32nd. Mau/Marazieco

B-Flight 01 Doubles:-
#Joint 9th/16th. Henry/SiauWeii
#Joint 9th/16th. Kelvin/Marcus
#Joint 17th/32nd. Kevin/Adeline

B-Flight Doubles Medley:-
#Joint 9th/16th. Henry/SiauWeii

C-Flight/01 Doubles:-
#Joint 5th/8th. Ting/Chuan.
#Joint 17th/32nd. Matt/Mode
#Joint 17th/32nd. George/Jilian

Ting & Chuan. C Flight Medley Joint 5th - 8th

Ting & Chuan. C Flight 01 Doubles. Joint 5th – 8th

Random Trios:-
#Runner-up. Nick Chu
#Joint 9th/16th. Anderson Yong
#Joint 17th/32nd. George

Nick Chu. Trios Random. Runner-up.

Nick Chu. Random Trios. Runner-up.

Interstate Championship:-
#Joint 3rd/4th. Sabah.

Larry, Mau, Rachel, Alvin, Prima. Inter-State Team Joint 3rd.

Larry, Alvin, Rachel, Prima & Mau. Inter-State Team Joint 3rd.

The World Stage 5:-
#Joint 65-128. Alvin Siah
#Joint 65-128. Sham
#Joint 65-128. Larry

MSDO 2015 Sabah Contingent Manifest:-

1. Nick Chu
2. Sam Chu
3. Alan Lind
4. Larry Wong
5. Aaron Chin
6. Alvin Siah
7. Rachel Lau
8. Matthew Lo
9. Mothoshi
10. Symington Jenkins
11. Gary Chia
12. Douglas Lee
13. Shamsuddin
14. George Hock
15. Liew Kui Fong
16. David Lim
17. Henry Leong
18. Ong Siau Wei
19. Toh Bee Teng
20. Mickey Toh
21. Efron Leong
22. Jason Yong
23. Kelvin Chan
24. Marcus Chan
25. Moh Hiung Yek
26. Marazieco Tay
27. Kim Fung
28. Maradona Tay
29. Kevin Ng
30. Adeline Kwok
31. Michael Cheng
32. Michelle Lim
33. Jilian Tong
34. Tomi Lim
35. Ashley Wong
36. Chew Yon Lieh
37. Anderson Yong
38. Ting Pick On
39. Phan Vui Chuan
40. Jack Huang
41. Kenn Yong
42. Kenneth Chong
43. Kenyon Liew
44. Chok Vun Fung
45. Siow Tse Kien
46. Alex Sii
47. Timothy Voo
48. Stanhoppe Jenkins
49. Lee Hee Sin

Photos courtesy of IDM.
MSDO official photo gallery here. Lots of photos! MSDO 2015 fanpage here.


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