Update: 11th International Sabah Open Darts Tournament 2016

Update: Compilation of photos embedded.

11th International Sabah Open Darts Tournament 2016. 1st – 3rd April, 2016. Dewan DBKK, Kota Kinabalu.

The 11th Edition of Sabah Open, held in conjunction with Kota Kinabalu City’s 16th Anniversary, was officiated by YBhg Datuk Yeo Boon Hai, Mayor of Kota Kinabalu City. The tournament drew 93 teams. The three-days event was contested by more than 450 darters from the various regions of Sabah, Labuan, Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Brunei. A total of 48 participants contested the Ladies Single Event.

Tournament Results:-
Team Event:-
Champion: Bambarayon (Sabah)
Runner-up: Paamad Last Hero (Sabah)
3rd/4th: KBT Amazing / Aristos
5th-8th: Soputan A, Labuan Mix, IDC, MSD Black

Team event 2nd chance:-
Champion: TDC Antenom
Runner-up: 0105 Darters
3rd-4th: Hawk Eagle One80 / PDC Z4

Men Single Event:-
Champion: Jerry Lojitan (Sabah)
Runner-up: Pg Mohd (Brunei)
Joint 3rd/4th: Jali (Labuan) / Abu Bakar (Sarawak)

Ladies Event:-
Champion: Pipa (Sabah)
Runner-up: Dhia (Brunei)
Joint 3rd/4th: Siti (Brunei) / Suzannah (Labuan)

Photo credits:
David Lim, Ukil, Mike Lojitan, Nadira, One80 Dart Cafe, Kak Lynn Darters.

One80 Dart Cafe fanpage here.
Darts In Sabah fanpage here.


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