PlayGround Cafe 1st Rookie Challenge 2016.

PlayGround Cafe 1st Rookie Challenge! 10th to 11th October, 2016 at Playground Cafe, Plaza Grand Millennium. 32 participants in the roundrobin stages, in 8 groups. The top 2 in each group proceed to the knockout Last 16 stage on 11th, Tuesday, 8pm game on!

Date : 10th & 11th October
Time : 8pm Game On! ( 7pm Draw)
Rating : 7.99 Below!
Format : 501-Cri-501 (OI/OO)
Round Robin & Knock Out
Registration : RM20 (Free 1 Drink)

ğŸŽ Prize ğŸŽ
Champion – RM299+ 300LC +Medal
1st Runner – RM159+200LC+Medal
Joint 3rd – RM69+50LC+Medal

* No Burst Rating
* Handicap Applies.
* No Slippers and Short Pants.
* Maximum 32 players.
* Minimum 16 players to Game On.




Last 16 Knockout brackets.


Games in progress at PlayGround Cafe, Plaza Grand Millennium.



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