D’Sulap Dart Club Double Dart Event.

Steeltip tournament in October. The D’Sulap Dart Club Double Dart Event on 12th October, 2019 at Dewan Serbaguna Kg Kibouvang Kapazan, Kepayan Jalan Lintas. Champion pair takes home RM1,500 and cash prizes to Top 8 placings. Mystery novelty prizes are also offered.


Kupang 7th Anniversary Double Dart Challenge.

Steeltip tournament coming up! The Kupang 7th Anniversary Double Dart Challenge from 21st to 22nd September, 2019 at Dewan Kg Roun, Tuaran.

*Kupang 7th Anniversary Double Dart Challenge*

Date : 21 & 22.9.2019 (Sabtu & Ahad)
Time :
12.00pm *Cabut undi*
1.00pm *Game on*
Venue : Dewan Kg. Roun, Tuaran.
Fee : RM100/Team.

Champion: RM1,200.00
Runner-up: RM600.00
Top 4(3rd-4th): RM300.00
Top 8(5th-8th): RM100.00
Top 16: *SURPRISE*! (Sekiranya reg mencapai 48 team. Top 16 akan dijalankan)

*Second chance*
Champion: RM300.00
Runner-up: RM150.00
3rd-4th: RM70.00

*Extra Prize*
180 Terbanyak: Mystery prize
171 Terbanyak: Mystery prize
Check Bull Terbanyak: Mystery Prize
Highest checkout: Mystery Prize.

Contact person:
Alian 016 8148333
Max 019 5875517
Tuan Long 012 8675155