Update: RDC (Papar) Weekly games Single and Double.

RDC (Papar) Weekly games update:-

Single. 30th July, 2015.




Joint 3rd/4th.

Double: 6th August, 2015.




Joint 3rd/4th.



1st De’ Lomigo Weekly Match Single

9th July 2015. 1st De’ Lomigo Weekly Match Single, Inanam.

D'Lomigo Pub weekly Singles

1st De’Lomigo Weekly Match Single

Date: 9th July 15 (Thu)
Venue: De Lomigo Cafe
Time: 8pm
Total participants: 24 Darters

Jair@Big Boss Man

Runner up:

-Mike Prima@Hulk

Champion: RM200
R/up: RM100
3rd/4th: RM50/RM50

Weekly challenge (Doubles) at D’ Darters’ Cafe, Tamparuli.

D’ Darters’ Cafe, Tamparuli, conduct their weekly games on Wednesdays and Saturdays. About 20 pairs regularly participate in the weekly Doubles.

170 Checkout & 180 score novelty prizes to be won as well.

Prizes and winners for 6th December 2014.

Prizes and winners for 6th December 2014.

6th December 2014. Many darters were away for the Borneo International.

6th December 2014. Many darters were away for the Borneo International.

D’ Darters’ Cafe Tamparuli fanpage.

Softip happenings at ALTIS – Home of Aristos.

More softip happenings in Kota Kinabalu. This update is from Facebook fanpage of ALTIS – Home of Aristos, at Karamunsing Capital. Their weekly B & C flights are on Thursday nights.

1st mini Phoenix B and C flight tournament.

Clash of the Tungstens at ALTIS. Every Thursday, 7.30pm.

Visit ALTIS Facebook fanpage for updates on programmes.

Darts happenings in Tawau.

Here’s an update from Tawau, the darts powerhouse on the East Coast of Sabah. Thanks so much to Jany A. Sahak for highlighting the latest events from Net Alive Cafe as well as Ballroom Snooker, Pool & Darts Training centre. (Doubles & weeklies.)

One for the album.. the pakar Doubles.

One for the album.. the pakar Doubles.

Tough battle to the finals.

Weeklies - Doubles' the game.

Weeklies – Doubles’ the game.


Up-coming event: Doubles Challenge, 29th – 30th November 2014, Ballroom Snooker, Pool & Darts Training Centre, Tawau. Check out the events’ calendar. Ballroom fanpage.

Cheers. Eat, Sleep & Breathe darts ~ the Tajau.

D’Darters Cafe Tamparuli – Double Dart Challenge.

Double Dart Challenge. D’Darters Cafe, Tamparuli.

Double Dart Challenge every Wednesday and Saturday nights at D’Darters Cafe, Tamparuli. A popular darts cafe frequented by many talented players, both vintage and new.

D'Darters Cafe, Tamparuli.

D’Darters Cafe, Tamparuli.

Ground Floor, Lot No. 10, Jadi Commercial Centre,
Kampong Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia.
Hours: 6.30pm – 1.30am
Tel: +6013-881 0688
Facebook page: