Borneo DartFest 2019.

Major softip event coming up next weekend! The Borneo DartFest 2019 from 17th to 18th August, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday) at The Marriot Hotel, Kota Kinabalu.


Friday 16th August, 2019 from 5pm to 9pm at The Marriot Hotel.

Saturday 17th August, 2019.
SSS Medley Doubles AB/BC (RR to SKO).
’01 Doubles AB/BC (RR to SKO).

Sunday 18th August, 2019.
SEATOUR 2019 Stage 3 Sabah.
Hall Of Fame Medley Singles AB/BC (RR to SKO).

For full details, please visit Playdarts Sabah Fanpage here.

PARTNER with the World Champion PAUL LIM at BORNEO DARTS FEST DOUBLES event.

Special tournament coming up! Win the chance to partner with the World Champion PAUL LIMΒ at BORNEO DARTS FEST DOUBLES EVENT. Happening on 3rd August, 2018 at I Darts Sabah. Max RT 8.89 Singles.

🎯A Chance of a life time to Partner Mr. Paul Lim Selection tournament ! 🎯

Venue : I Darts Sabah
Date: 3th AUGUST 2018 (Friday)

Game on: 9pm

🎯Game format:

501- Cri- 501(RR)

πŸ“Œ Max rt: 8.89
πŸ“Œ No Handicap and bust rules apply

*Register fee : RM70 πŸ’΄

Award and Prizes: πŸ†πŸ…

Champion: PARTNER with the World Champion PAUL LIM at BORNEO DARTS FEST DOUBLES event.

2nd (runner up): RM 100 Live Credit

Joint 3rd: RM 50 Live Credit

*League Rating as Standards Rating for registration. If current card rating is higher or lower than league rating, Organizer will take rating whichever is higher upon registration.*

*Game master has the right to decline any not updated rating of player without prior notice.*

*Terms and Conditions Apply.*

Borneo DartFest 2018

The Borneo DartFest 2018 will be held from 10th to 12th August, 2018 at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Concurrent event SEATOUR 2018 Stage 3 (Sabah). Includes Superleague Season3, MYPremier Regional (East Malaysia) playoff and finals.

Borneo DartFest 2018 Schedule.





ONLINE REGISTRATION here. (Limited slots available.)

Visit I Darts Sabah Fanpage here.

Throwback Borneo DartFest 2017 video here.