Softtip tournament happening today!

Happening today at CROSSBORDER, Lintas Plaza. Open rating, no handicap, no bust rating. The Champion takes home RM1,000.

*Crossborder Dartslive Single Open Rating Tournament!* 🎯

*Date & Venue* • 13th August 2017 @ Crossborder Lintas •

2pm Registration Start • 3pm Game On

Entrance Fee: *RM100 & free 1 bottle tiger beer at EMBASSY*

🥇Champion: RM1000 & Trophy

🥈1st Runner Up: RM500 & Medal

🥉Joint 3rd: RM250/250 & Medal

*Game Format!*

• Round Robin: 701 – Cricket – 701 (Open In / Master Out) •

Knock Out: 701 – Cricket – Choice (Open In / Master Out)

*Semi Final!* 701 – Cri – Cri – 701 – Choice (Open In / Master Out

*Finale!* 701 – Cri – Cri – 701 – Choice (Open In / Master Out)

• Minimum 16 players • Maximum 24 players •



*Valid Dartslive member card needed with valid rating tq*


Superleague World Championship 2017 Malaysia Team Selection East Malaysia Region.

Softip event happening today! Superleague World Championship 2017 Malaysia Team Selection East Malaysia Region. 11th March, 2017 (Saturday) at I Darts Sabah, Lido Plaza. Kota Kinabalu Region playoff from 4pm. East Malaysia Region Finals from 7.30pm.


Super Darts Inc Grand Opening *Super Doubles*

Happening today and tomorrow! Super Darts Inc Grand Opening *Super Doubles*, 17th to 18th February, 2017, at Super Darts Inc, Damai. About 40 pairs will be competing in the Grand Opening event.

Introducing *Super Doubles*🎯Max Rating: 24.99

Venue: Super Darts Inc
– 17th Feb (Friday) Round Robin
– 18th Feb (Saturday)
– 6:30pm Food will be serve
– 8:00pm Grand Opening
– 8:30pm Knockout game on

– 701 – Cri – Choice
– Open In / Master Out
– Handicap Applies!
– Round Robin & Knock-Out
– Burst Rating +0.31 Applies!

*Entrance Fee – RM150 + 2 lucky draw tickets*

🎁 *Prize* 🎁
*Champion* – RM2000 + Trophy 🏆+ LC 200
*1st Runner Up* – RM1000 + Trophy🏆+ LC 100
*Joint 3rd* – RM250 + LC 50 Trophy 🏆
*Top 8* – Medal 🏅

*Lucky Draw* = 10 or more Prizes ( depending on numbers )
*GRAND PRIZE*: Trip to xxxx for 3 days 2 nights for 2pax!
Lucky draw ticket
Purchase 1 tower = 1 ticket
3 sets of beer = 1 ticket

(Max: 40 teams , Min: 24 teams )
Team List:

1. For existing league players, we will follow accordingly to league’s rating & for non league players please provide actual rating, organiser have to right to forfeit the team if found cheat rating.🐊

2. Please do provide your full name & rating for registration purpose. Terms & condition apply.

3. Cash & prizes will increase once participating teams reach 40 teams.

*Friday 17/2/2017 Agenda*
*Group A B C D*
*7.00pm* Check In & Rating Check
*7.30pm* Game On!

*Group E F G H*
*9.00pm* Check In & Rating Check
*9.30pm* Game On!

We will start the group stage *SHARP ON TIME* and whichever team that late will consider *FORFEITED or WALKOVER*
*Rating will be check after round robin End* +0.31 Burst Rules

Top 2 teams for every group will proceed to *Knock Out Stage* on *Saturday 18/2/2017*










Super Darts Inc Facebook fanpage here.

Major ​Softip tournament Coming up! Darts Planet Grand Opening Double Challenge 2017 Tawau


​Darts Planet Grand Opening Double Challenge 2017 Tawau

Darts Planet 2017 grand opening double challenge 25-26th of February 

Max team rating 26

Handicap apply


Bust rating at +0.31

Entree fee Rm100 per team

Max 40 teams

Champion Rm 2000+trophies 

Runner up Rm 1000+trophies 

Joint 3rd Rm 500+trophies 

Top 8 Rm 200+trophies 

Top 16 Rm 100+medals

Champion RM2000 

Runner up RM1000

Joint 3rd RM500

Top 8 RM200

Top 16 RM100


+60 11-1646 3890 Kenny

019-8210178 Clarence

Darts Planet Tawau fanpage here.

Softip event today! 7th January, 2017 at Hall Of Fame, Penampang Baru.

A slow start to 2017 in steeltip but January is packed with events in softip.

Happening today, 7th January 2017, Saturday at Hall Of Fame, Penampang Baru.

🐒HoF Superior Doubles 🐒

🐅CC Flight Showdown🐅

*Joining fees: RM 60 / team

*Team max 14.99 and below

*burst rules applied

* 501 – Cri – 501 OI/OO

* NO Handicap

*Top 8 of each stage qualify to Grand Final on 21-Jan-2017 8pm*

(Knock Out)


Grand Final:

Champion- RM1200

2nd- RM 600

Top 4- RM 300

Top 8- RM 150

Top 16- RM 60

*All winners get medal and certificate*

Team registration:

Name-rating/ name-rating

Stage 1: (7-jan-2017) 8pm

Stage 2: (15-Jan -2017) 4pm

*Stage 2 Re-Entry Rm40 / Team*

*Terms & Condition Applies*


INSOMNIA 28 B-FLIGHT CHALLENGE. 25th to 26th November, 2016. (Friday to Saturday.) Venue:  INSOMNIA 28 PUB @ PAVILION

DATE : 25-26/11/2016
TIME : 6pm Registration
8pm Game On
REGISTRATION : RM50 or One Tower Tiger
FORMAT : 501 – Cri – 501 ( OI/OO )

Minimum 16 participants to game on
Maximum 24 participants
Rating limit 9.99 under
Handicap on
Burst +0.31

Champion : RM500 trophy + 2 tower
1st Runner Up : RM250 trophy +1 tower
Joint 3rd : RM100 medal + 1 bucket

NOTE : Once 24 Players reach organizer will add on additional prize worth of 500 Live Credits to all winner.
Champion + 200 LC
1st Runner + 100LC
Joint 3rd + 50 LC each

Special LuckyDraw to win away an extra Live Credit Worth RM100!
One Bucket : 1 Draw
One Tower : 3 Draw

Coming up! I LIKE BAR Soft Darts Double Challenge.

I LIKE BAR Soft Darts Double Challenge. 23rd to 24th November, 2016. (Wednesday to Thursday.) Venue: I LIKE BAR, Lintas Square. This is a doubles event with a team rating cap of 20.99

🍻I like Bar 🍻
Soft Darts Double Challenge

✔Date: 23 & 24 Nov 2016

Game on:
Round robin 23th Nov -Wed- (8pm)
Knock out 24th Nov -Thurs- (8pm)

Round robin 701- Cri -701
Knock out 701- Cri- choice

✔Max rating/team 20.99
✔No Handicap
✔Burst rule +0.31 apply
✔Joining fees: RM80/ Team

RM800 + Medal + RM 400 LC
2nd Placing:
RM 400 + Medal + RM 200 LC
Joint 3rd :
RM 200 + Medal + RM 100 LC

Coming up in Tawau! DARTS CORNER “Open Ceremony Tournament”.

Darts Corner *Open Ceremony Tournament* Single Challenge will be held on 12th and 13th of November. Venue: Darts CornerGaya Commercial Centre, Jalan Guru, Tawau.

Format: Single, 701-Cri-Cho,
Max RT 12.99, handicap n burst rating rules apply(+0.31).
Min 32 players Max 40 players.
Draw time: 11th November 8.30pm
Registration Fees RM50 per Player.

Champion: RM 1000 + Trophy
Runner up: RM 500+ Trophy
Joint 3rd : RM 250 + Trophy
Top 16 Players 1 Medal
*pls provide yr real rating!!!*

Contact  0128117123 ( Jason Liau)


Dart Corner Facebook Fanpage here.

Nine Count Rookie Challenge.

Nine Count Rookie Challenge is back! 28th October, 2016 (Friday) at Nine Count Dart Lounge, Plaza 333, Penampang.

🎯Nine Count Rookie is back!

Date : 28th October
Time : 8pm Game On! ( 7pm Check in)
Rating : 6.99 Below!
Format : 501-Cri-Choice (OI/OO)
Round Robin & Knock Out
Registration : RM20

🎁 Prize 🎁 (subject to change)
Champion – RM300+ 300LC +Medal
1st Runner – RM150 +200LC+Medal
Joint 3rd – RM50 +50 LC + Medal

* 0.31 Burst Rating applied
* Handicap Applied

Nine Count Dart Lounge Facebook Fanpage here.

Campaign: Challenge DARTSLIVE Official Players in Global match.

Nine Count Dart Lounge Campaign: Challenge DARTSLIVE Official Players in Global match. Available from 18th October to 3rd November, 2016. Scheduled days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurdays from 6pm to 9pm. Head over to Nine Count Dart Lounge, Plaza 333, and play Global with the pros. Nine Count Dart Lounge is giving away RM100 of Live Credits should you win your match.