How to throw Darts: The mechanical basics of throwing darts.

This is useful information for those who are just learning the technique, or have lost the touch and feel of throwing darts, or are driven crazy by straying darts. Help is on the way!

How must the dart be moved to keep it in the right position? To work this out we have to look at the mechanics of the throwing arm. It can be exactly described as a ‘machine’ of 3 levers attached to each other by 2 joints or ‘hinges’, and with 1 joint attaching it to a fixed point:

The highly useful multi-purpose lever-system of the human arm

Diagrammatic animation of a neat darting technique using the 3-lever system
Credits to Tom Neijman from Sitepeople for making this fine animation of throwing mechanics!

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How to throw Darts: The mechanical basics of throwing darts. Chapter 1 РThe Throw.